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TR1000 Trailer

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Custom applicators and professional growers today require specialized yet easy-to-use equipment that increases yields and better utilizes assets. You’ll get all of that, and more, with the New Leader® TR1000 trailer that works in conjunction with new or used New Leader crop nutrient applicators built for the John Deere 4900 Series sprayer chassis. The New Leader TR1000 is a fabricated narrow tubular backbone-style trailer designed for both row crop and flotation applications. Designed with precision balance between tongue load and hitch load, the TR1000 safely transports a fully loaded spreader (up to 10 ton capacity), even with field speeds up to 20 mph (32 km).

No matter the season, no matter the reason, the New Leader TR1000 has you covered. To accommodate for varying row crops and full-season fertilizer and lime application, the TR1000 axle manually adjusts from 80” (203 cm) to 120” (304 cm) wheel centers, for 380 and 480 tire options, 90” (228 cm) to 120” (304cm) for the 710/70R38 floater option.

Other features of the TR1000 trailer include a: hydraulic 16.5 x 7 drum style brake system utilizes the tractor’s hydraulic brakes, heavy-duty category 3/4 articulating bull pull hitch, inspection ladder easily deploys with simple sliding motion, hose and harness support, 40,000-pound rated safety chain, wheel chocks, and heavy-duty trailer jack.


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